Vegan Cheese to Find at VegFest

Vegan Cheese To Find At VegFest

The demand for vegan cheese is greater now than it has ever been. Often vegan cheese has been made from cultured nuts or coconuts, but not limited to. On the market, at the moment there is a huge range of cheese, from supermarket own brands to gourmet artisan cheese. After years of being disappointed with smelly, tasteless rubber, I personally cannot be more grateful for the innovation behind the new cheese products. We discover the best vegan cheese to find at VegFest Brighton 2018.

What to expect? Vegan cheese to find at VegFest…

We were on the hunt for the delicious vegan cheese to find at VegFest. There was; an amazing Swiss cheese from the UK distributor of Vegusto, an array of options Follow Your Heart and an artisan vegan cheese manufacturer, Kinda Co from London. Sussex Vegan would like to thank all the brands that talked to us on the day.

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Kinda Co Vegan Cheese

Kinda Co offered some of the tastiest vegan cheese to find at VegFest. We recommend hunting them out and namely trying their feta alternative, which is out-of-this-world!

“We discover the story behind Kinda Co, at Brighton VegFestUK. Are you looking for the best cheese alternative or premium vegan cheese that is tasty? Kinda Co has products online and at the Hackney Downs Vegan Market and you can find them at events such as Vegan Festival Brighton 2018.” 



Follow Your Heart

Another vegan cheese brand to keep on the radar is Follow Your Heart. Watch out, because you’ll be taken away by not only the Gouda but the Peppejack slices and the famous Vegenaise. They are also one of the few brands that offer a great melty vegan cheese for pizzas. So definitely, we recommend, you to visit.
“We managed to get a short word with the reps at Follow Your Heart at Brighton Vegan Festival, VegFestUK. If you are looking for Non-GMO cheese alternatives or a delicious mayo, Follow Your Heart certainly has some options.”

Vegusto UK Vegan Cheese

No bias, but if you are craving cheddar, look no further. Vegusto is a Swiss brand, which goes without saying, they know how to make cheese. Their No-Moo Mild-Aromatic Cheddar alternative is so rich and creamy. They also offer many other types of cheese including a nut-free vegan cheese. 


“Here we talk to the distributor of Vegusto UK & Ireland. Vegusto sells vegan swiss cheese, as well as other food alternatives, such as meats. Vegusto UK & Ireland offer a whole range of vegan cheese, including a nut-free vegan cheese to find at VegFest. “

Best Vegan cheese to find at vegfest

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