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The Sussex Vegan can help you find the best Vegan Restaurants in Sussex to small vegan-friendly treats hidden in the countryside. Strike conversations with newly found vegan friends and discover plant-based businesses and vegan events. Veganism in Sussex has never been so easy, but it could be better! It is about time Vegan’s in Sussex have a unified vegan community website to share and recommend the vegan food in Sussex. 

 Vegan in Sussex

We work to ensure all vegan restaurants in Sussex and every vegan-friendly businesses is discovered.

It is simple to add Vegan Restaurants in Sussex. It is free for any vegan business to be part of the community, from vegan-friendly hotels in Sussex to Hair and Beauty parlours. Why not leave a review and share recommendations with friends and family? We are the vegan community of Sussex and this is our space. It is true that veganism has seen a monumental increase in support and the options available to vegans now are higher than ever before. At an estimate, there are over 10,000 vegans in Sussex and with your help, we hope we’ll see this number increase.

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