How-To Add Listings

How-To Add Listings in 10 Simple Steps

Sussex Vegan offers businesses the opportunity to list themselves for free and promote to our vegan community. It is very simple to get started. If you are a business or just an individual who would like to add your favourite vegan or vegan-friendly business to our site, follow this easy guide. Each listing will be reviewed upon submission within two working days.

1. Go to Add Listing to Sussex Vegan 1

2. Click ‘+AddListing’

Add Listing to Sussex Vegan 2

3. Add Listing Details

Here it is important the information is accurate, as this will be the information shown on the listing page on the site.

‘Listing Title’ – Please enter the name of the establishment, followed by either; ‘ – V’ for Vegan or ‘ – VF’ for Vegan-Friendly. Additionally, add ‘& GF’ to inform users of gluten-free options on the menu.

‘Listing Categories’ – From the drop-down menu, please choose the most relevant category for your listing, for example, ‘Restaurants, Bars & Cafes’.

‘Listing Location’ – Again, from the drop-down menu, please select the postal town or closest postal town to the business.

‘Google Address’ – Here enter the full address of the business.

Add Listing to Sussex Vegan 3

4. Add Opening Times

This is a recommended option, as it can help the listings appear better in results.

5. Add Featured Image and Listing Content

The ‘Featured Image’ is essential. Choose an image that reflects your business best, whether that’s an image of the storefront or a vegan dish on your menu.

In the ‘Listing Content’, add the business name and place in ‘Heading 2’ style. (i.e BBVegan in Chichester)

For aesthetics purposes we like to align all information in ‘Listing Content’ to centre, this is optional.

Underneath the heading, add a paragraph and describe your business.

6. Add Listing Information 

This information will be displayed on the listing page. Please fill in as much as possible.

‘Phone’ – Please enter the business phone number (this will be public).

‘Website’ – Add business website in the format of, or

‘Contact Email’ – Add business email (this will be public).

‘Social Media’ – Please add the URL ( of social media sites.

Add Listing to Sussex Vegan 7

7. Listing Tags

To ensure that your listing is displayed in the correct places, from the drop-down menu please choose the applicable. If your business only caters vegan, then you are able to choose ‘Vegan’ & ‘Vegan-Friendly’. If the business serves animal products but has vegan options, you can only choose ‘Vegan-Friendly’.

If your menu has gluten-free options, you are able to select ‘Gluten Free Friendly’ too.

Add Listing to Sussex Vegan 8

8. Gallery, Coupons and Table Booking

‘Gallery’ – (optional) You are able to upload a gallery of images to best present your business if you wish to do so.

‘Coupon’ – (optional) If you would like to offer exclusive discount coupon codes to our community, please use this option. It is very easy to set up. The ‘Description’ is the front facing text to the user, such as ‘SUSSEX VEGAN EXCLUSIVE 15% OFF’. The ‘Coupon Code’ is the secret code you wish to grant the discount with, such as ‘SUSSEX15’. The ‘Referral Link’ could be used to send users to your website, i.e.

‘Open Table’ – (optional) We have the option to allow users to directly book tables at your business through Open Table. You can set up and Open Table account here. 

Add Listing to Sussex Vegan 9

9. Finalise Listing

If you are new to the site, you will need to toggle ‘Create an account?’. Simply choose an email and password.

Complete the reCAPTCHA, this helps us prevent spam.

Click ‘Preview’ to see how your listing will look. You still can come back and edit the listing afterwards.

10. Submit Listing for Review

Once you are happy, click ‘Submit Listing’. We will review the listing in 48hrs and email to let you know when it’s live.

Thank you for being part of our community.

If you need any help with listings, please get in touch either by social media or email.

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