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Empower. Cultivate & Share Veganism in Sussex

Sussex Vegan is a growing business, looking to share Veganism in East Sussex & West Sussex, United Kingdom. Being Vegan has never been so easy. But, it could be better. We believe in communities and that is why we set out three aims to achieve this. As the vegan community grows, we want you to be part of that growth. We work to ensure every local, vegan-friendly businesses is discovered. It shouldn’t be so hard to find businesses that support a Vegan Lifestyle in Sussex. Our three simple aims are:

  1. Empower – We want to empower the vegan community of Sussex
  2. Cultivate – Sussex Vegan wants to develop a strong grounding for the Sussex Vegan community to thrive.
  3. Share – Veganism doesn’t have to be complicated! Being Vegan is simply a liberating lifestyle choice. You can help us share this message by simply joining and letting your Vegan friends and family know about us.

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Sussex Vegan: Official Vegan Community of Sussex 

Our Team

Meet the team the work behind the scenes at Sussex Vegan. 


Robert Stevens

Robert Stevens

Director & Journalist

If coffee wasn't vegan, I don't know what I would do! Avid recipe explorer, cat lover and veganista! It never was simple enough to find places to eat that cater for vegans and gluten-free. Now, it's never been easier! Check-in your location and we'll show you around.

Callum Stevens

Callum Stevens

Business Analyst

For an analyst, I'm probably the most exciting one you'll meet! I'm great with numbers and love to speak... If you wish to get in touch, do so at:

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