Hastings Vegan Guide to the Seaside

Hastings Vegan Guide to the Seaside

It’s nearly summer! That perfect time of year to head to the seaside and indulge in some seaside treats! But what is ‘traditional’ seaside fare? Ice-cream? Fish and Chips? Doughnuts? All not very vegan-friendly. I’ve put together the Hastings Vegan Guide to the Seaside, so you can enjoy what the seaside has to offer.

Hastings Vegan Guide to the Seaside

I’m very lucky in that I’m a Hastings Vegan, so have access to the wonderful sea, beach, pier, penny arcades and wonderful independent shops all year round, plus a fab array of vegan food options! So if you are planning on heading to the coast this summer, let me give you all the insider knowledge to having the best seaside day out!

I can’t stress more, Hastings really is the perfect place to go this summer. It’s a hidden gem for all things seaside and vegan. We have got vegan ice cream options, easily available tofish and chips AND amazing doughnuts.

Best Vegan Fish & Chips in Hastings

Hastings Vegan Fish and Chips

So let’s start, you’ve arrived and it’s nearly lunchtime. You can head onto Hastings (award winning!) pier for amazing tofish and chips. The tofu is firm and wrapped in Nori, with a light crispy batter! It’s not on the menu but they are more than happy to whip up a kids portion! Which they’ve done on many an occasion for my daughter, she’s 3 and a half (apparently that’s very important) and if I talk about going on the pier she says “For (to)fish and chips? Mmm, with the yummy peas? And yummy tofu?” Alternatively, you could stroll slightly further along the seafront to St Leonards, to the newly opened Goat Ledge, who are offering a Tofu bap with pencil thin chips! Also, most places (not all so please please check) fry the chips separately, so wherever you are you should be able to enjoy at least chips.

Does Hastings Have Vegan Ice-cream?

Hastings Vegan Ice CreamYES! Afterwards, for pudding, it’s got to be ice cream. At Goat Ledge, I’m pretty sure they always have one sorbet option BUT if you venture to the old town you can go to Di Polas and have at least 4 different sorbet options (often on the weekend there are more!) Recently we’ve treated ourselves to blackberry, green apple, pomegranate and strawberry and banana. This can be in a cup or waffle cone. They are so creamy and so delicious.Hastings Vegan Ice Cream

Hastings Vegan Seaside Treat

Once you’ve been paddling, playing crazy golf or maybe even sea kayaking you’ll have room for that final seaside treat, doughnuts! Tucked away in the old town, inside the Clockwork Crow you’ll find Sham City Roasters and Deadbeat Doughnuts. These are slightly more indulgent than your usual seaside doughnut but hey you’ve earned it! Also if you are gluten free they offer a baked GF one on weekends.


Vegan Doughnuts in Hastings

Having explored all Hastings vegan scene and what it has to offer, though that might take a few trips, you can head home safe in the knowledge you’ve had the perfect vegan seaside day out!

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