Find the Best Supermarket Vegan Cheese That Will Fool Anyone

Find the Best Supermarket Vegan Cheese

Did someone say cheese? That’s vegan cheese of course! Mmmm, “cheeeeseee!” Just like Monterey Jack, a.k.a. Monty from Chip ‘n Dale: Rescue Rangers, would growl. Okay, I might have just revealed my age. I question, surely I am not the only vegan who secretly misses the gooey, creamy and salty goodness of this addictive dairy product? So, I’m on a mission to find the best supermarket vegan cheese that will pass the test and trick my boyfriend, oh and satisfy my cheese cravings!

Best Supermarket Vegan Cheese


A little Dive Into My Cheese Devotion Journey: From Dairy To Non-Diary

I am new to Sussex, United Kingdom and have only just started exploring the vegan surprises it has in store. Before commencing my UK adventure, I resided in New Zealand for 12 years. Not so spoilt for the options over there as generally, only the high-priced supermarkets would provide a choice of dairy and egg-free products. Vegan cheeses are heartbreakingly scarce and can noticeably dent your food budget. To put things into perspective: you can pay up to £6.50 for a 300g block of vegan Cheddar. That is easily double what we are paying at Sainsbury’s and Tesco. Feels like I have hit a #CheddarJackpot over here!

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The day I made the decision to stop supporting the animal industry I started examining all the food packaging rather closely. It’s at times like this where I’m grateful for the four blissful years I devoted to studying Food Science… Let’s just say it increased my persistence and determination tenfold. Well, and now the ability to recognise and decipher often complex or disguised chemical names is an absolute bonus. Can I proudly call myself a Foodie Scientist then?

How Did I Decide The Best Supermarket Vegan Cheese?

In the UK I’m spoiled for choice and am gradually eating my way through the; Free From, “Daiya” and “Sheese” ranges to find the best supermarket vegan cheese. I’m proud to say I’ve narrowed my top pick down to Brute Island Foods:

  • Sheese’s Vegan Cheddar Style with Jalapeno & Chilli 
  • Sheese’s Mozzarella Shreds – This brand caught my eye, as I haven’t heard about it before, so wanted to see for myself how it compares with the other brands.

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In my opinion, Sheese has done a great job in balancing out flavours and mimicking the sharpness of Cheddar and the creaminess of Mozzarella quite accurately. The reason why I have picked these particular types and the point I am trying to make is that not all vegan cheeses are made the same, nor they taste the same. They have different mouthfeel, texture and aftertaste.

The Secret To Make Vegan Cheese Smooth

Mozzarella has a reputation of being buttery and smooth, which in our vegan case is achieved by a higher coconut oil content (25% vs 20% in the Cheddar). Therefore, if you are watching your fat intake closely, then opt for the Cheddar. Its fat content per 100g is slightly lower than in Mozzarella Shreds, which also means less saturated fat – the ‘bad’ guy. Unlike the Mozzarella, Cheddar has a pronounced sourness that comes through quite intensely after a bite. Spirit vinegar was most likely used to add the acidity to mirror the flavour of the good old dairy cheese.

Avid Salt Lovers Alert

In my search to find the best vegan supermarket cheese, salt is an essential element to consider. If you are craving the saltiness of the dairy cheese, you might not be fully satisfied with the vegan options as surprisingly the salt in these is not overpowering. When I say that something isn’t quite salty, I mean it is really NOT salty. I am guilty of notoriously undersalting every, single, dish. Well, some of us prefer living risk-free, okay?! Let’s not call it boring – I just like to think that I’ve trained my taste buds to enjoy the real taste of food with the need of only subtle enhancing.

Don’t get me wrong – these cheeses are not sodium-free, but the salt does not strike your taste palate as sharply if this makes any sense? The whole cheese experience is rather smooth. Well, at least now if someone complains about the lack of salt in my cooking, I can point fingers at vegan cheese. That was probably the reason I enjoyed the nice spiciness of Jalapeno & Chilli Cheddar. The taste was not obstructed by the extreme saltiness and melted like a dream in my pasta adding a subtle heat to the dish.

Concerned About Protein and Vitamin Deficiencies?

I also often spike my food with a heaping spoonful of Engevita nutritional yeast. The B12 enriched version is my go-to – another product I struggled to find in New Zealand, and yes I cannot get enough of it. It also gives me a

Sheese Vegan Cheddar Style with Jalapeno and Chilli

n extra argument to support my point on B12 ‘deficiency’ in vegans. Don’t we all know that one person who is concerned about our protein and vitamin deficiencies? These cheeses contain calcium too and specifically state the amount below the nutritional panel.

The Selling Point of the Best Vegan Supermarket Cheese…

The selling point for me personally is that they melt beautifully, vital when trying to determine the best vegan supermarket cheese. I’ve done the taste experiment, to please that inner scientist of mine. I slipped the Mozzarella Shreds on a pizza to feed it to my vegetarian boyfriend. The results… None the wiser! And this is how the trust issues develop… Nevertheless, I found both kinds of cheese easy and versatile to implement into my dishes and sauces. The Sheese Mozzarella and Cheddar could easily make my pick for the best supermarket vegan cheese. They keep well in a fridge, as packaging is resealable. In all honesty, no one likes the stink of some aged Cheddar in their fridge.

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So to conclude my journey in searching shops for the best supermarket vegan cheese, I can confidently say I will most definitely be supporting the Sheese brand in the future and will try their other creations. Everyone needs cheese in their lives. Cheese is life. Only vegan cheese of course. I’ve done a lot of searching for vegan cheeses, what would you recommend I try? 

This article has not been sponsored or in anyway endorsed by Sheese and is of the complete, honest opinion of the author. 

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