Best Vegan Fast Food Burger in the UK? | Smashburger UK, Brighton

Best Vegan Fast Food Burger in the UK? | Smashburger UK, Brighton

Last weekend, I was lucky enough to be invited to Smashburger Brighton in North Street to try their new Vegan Alternative Burger. Since buying out the UK franchise, Smashburger is putting it’s money where its mouth is, or burger in this case, and has launched a whole alternative menu with their same promise of “Delicious Taste”. Time would only tell whether this was just an attempt to tick some boxes or a serious contender to be one of the best vegan fast food burgers in the UK.


Smashburger promises: “Delicious Taste Guaranteed”

Smashburger Brighton North Street

Quite the bold statement. On the Vegan scene, the market has been revolutionised with more choice and flavour than ever before, but many of us have had to dine with dry unimaginative vegan burgers previously. Just to mention, I’ve not been paid to speak on behalf of Smashburger and this is a completely honest review. In fact, after the invite, I was sceptical as I’ve visited Smashburger Brighton before noticing not even their Veggie burger was vegan and waited the longest ten minutes to receive some mediocre fries. So the prospect of “a juicy” burger was hugely enticing, certainly grabbing my attention and I’m glad it did. After experiencing it… I confess, Smashburger definitely has made leaps and bounds. As for the burger? Maybe the best vegan fast food burger I’ve tried. Let me explain.

Recipe for Success

Smashburger Brighton Vegan Alternative BurgerThe Not Beef Burger Co Ltd, a company owned by the Managing Director of Smashburger UK is the supplier for this patty. A smart move, as it’s unlikely they are going to want competition swooping on this recipe for success. It’s juicy. What I mean by that is the burger has a real succulent flavour of fried onions and seasoning on the textured soy patty. Before you ask, I personally don’t think it tastes much of beef (although as a vegan for three years it’s hard to be accurate on that one), but it certainly has something particularly meaty about it.

It’s mixed with a combination of mushrooms, beetroot, kidney beans, chickpeas, golden beet, bulgur wheat & soybeans. Smashburger’s alternative burger does not only has the flavour and appearance. It has a chewy texture that even a hardened carnivore would have trouble distinguishing. This likeness to meat might be off-putting to some, but any juxtaposition of meat and plant (life and death) in a retail, especially fast food, is a really progressive stance in my opinion.

What is true, is the branding of ‘alternative’ is a perfect description of what this is representing. On a planet where the production of beef is not only hideously cruel but environmentally illogical the positioning of the burger to the increasing number Britons reducing meat consumption (28% according to MINTEL 2017) is genius in the movement towards a more ethical, sustainable and inclusive society. There is no doubt about it, this burger is more than delicious, it’s a recipe for success. I really love what Smashburger has achieved.

The Burger

Vegan Smashburger

In the context of trying the burger, I thought I couldn’t have it any other way than a Classic. This consisted of a slightly sweet, artisan-style bun. Taking the top off revealed a layer of creamy vegan mayonnaise, with a fresh crisp slice of tomato and red onion. Beyond that was some vegan cheddar style cheese. The cheese if tried alone, I would say straight away to give it a miss. It’s got a very plastic-like texture and tastes like a mellow stilton. However in the combination of the Classic SMASH works very well in balancing out the peppery onion seasoning in the burger and melts too a gooey molten on top. So to answer the statement in my introduction, this isn’t a tick box approach. If anything, this goes very much above and beyond my expectations. They say a picture says a thousand words, just take a look…

best vegan fast food


What Is A Burger Without Fries!

Smashburger Brighton Vegan Sweet Potato FriesYou may have noted I touched on the mediocre fries before. It’s not to say they were disappointing, although I wouldn’t go out of my way to recommend them. This time I clocked a sweet potato version to try. I think I have to backtrack a little as these were special. Crisp is really the only way I think I can best describe them. The outer layer was so superbly crisp, with an amazing crunch to the soft, subtle sweetness of the potato inside. With a little salt, I have to pre-warn you these are incredibly moreish. So if you do let your curiosity lead you to try Smashburger out, I totally recommend you put these on your order. I mean, what is a burger without fries?

The Best Vegan Fast Food Burger

With veganism becoming ever more popular, it’s still important not to jump the gun. I know myself, many of my friends share similar beliefs and some do not in regards to being vegan. It might feel uncomfortable as a vegan paying to a business that literally has built itself the contrary. Please bear in mind, is this really much different from purchasing from supermarkets?

alternative burger smashburger

Smashburger really has made a statement to show that veganism can be mainstream, if not on an ethical basis, but for the environment too. It shows also that vegan food doesn’t have to be dull and boring, but indifferent just derived from plants. The alternative menu was a great experience for me. The menu even features vegan milkshakes that I must go back and try. And I will be going back. The burger was epic and the sweet potato fries truly special. If you are looking for what might be the best vegan fast food burger in the UK, this might just be the answer.

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