5 Brighton Vegan Quick Bites You’ll Love

5 Brighton Vegan Quick Bites You’ll Love

My body is a temple and I am filling it with vegan junk food. Plant-based junk food sounds somewhat paradoxical, but being vegan doesn’t mean ditching the good stuff, and by that, I mean anything deep-fried, covered in mayonnaise or if it comes in those little plastic diner baskets. This is by no means a comprehensive guide. If anything, this is a slapdash list of 5 Brighton vegan quick bites you’ll love to get really tasty plant-based, beige goodness in Brighton. Oh and click anyone to get more details!


Beelzebab is my holy grail of vegan junk food in Brighton. Their focus is hotdogs, doner kebabs and loaded fries and let me tell you, they are wicked! I am a mega tofu enthusiast so tofu-based hotdogs are always going to be a winner, but the mad toppings are what I’m really here for. Each new Dog O’ The Month has my mouth watering, and their menu is littered with genuinely great, inventive flavours. We’ve had the Pizza Dog (homemade pizza sauce, a mass of cheese and seitan pepperoni), the Chip Shop Dog (battered and deep-fried tofu dog, mushy peas and curry sauce) and the Dhal Dog (spicy dhal, the most refreshing cucumber and shallot raita, and of course – poppadoms and mango chutney!), just to introduce you to a couple of the weird and wonderful creations Beelzebab are turning out. It’s a real treat for the vegan Brighton scene.

The fries are otherworldly, and if I’m craving a chip there is nowhere else in Brighton that beats these. They are crispy, fluffy, salty sticks of heaven, and that’s before the curry ketchup, the heapings of sauerkraut, the chilli, the cheese! Oh, and if you don’t try the deep-fried pickles you are making a horrible mistake.

(Images in Slideshow https://www.instagram.com/beelzebab666/)


Brighton Vegan Vegan-Burger-Brighton

Essentially everything you have just read, but instead of hotdogs it’s burgers and instead of the lovely people at Hope and Ruin, this time you’ll be hanging at East St Tap. You’ll probably have a few questions – what is a “baked bean omelette patty” and why is it so delicious? Is this onion ring bigger than my face? And can I realistically eat a deep-fried mac & cheeseburger for every meal? The answer to that last one is yes, just in case you were wondering.

If you are looking for some real dirty vegan junk food, the kind you might need a good hose-down after, then Beelzeburger is the one. Nothing feels quite like cramming a massive cheesy, saucy burger straight into your face. It is definitely good for the soul, even more so if you wash it down with some of the great local beer and surround yourself with wonderful company.



This one is going to be short and sweet.

I didn’t realise quite how much I love doughnuts until I went to Glazed for the first time and each trip back makes me a happier, fuller-tummed person. Vegans love Biscoff, it’s like the dessert version of houmous, and the Biscoff doughnuts here are life-altering. It’s always going to be a sickly, sticky mess – a battle between you and icing – but in the end, you are always the real winner.

The staff are friendly and quirky, and the tiny shop feels like home covered in local artwork, prints, tees and stickers. You will be drawn in and if you fancy staying put and admiring the space around you then there’s some really good coffee to sip on. Glazed is a lovely place to soak up vibes that feel very quintessentially Brighton.



A relaxed mix between restaurant, café and takeout – Pompoko are serving super affordable, warming Japanese food in record timing. There may be a queue leading out the door, and the tiny, cutesy space Pompoko occupies means you may get more than cosy with customers around you, but you’ll be in and out in minutes. Efficient. It is a haven for those of you who enjoy tofu – specifically that squishy, chewy, crispy-on-the-outside type of tofu. If not just grab your weight in spring rolls, especially the huge, garlicky edamame rolls, and you’ll be set.

My friend originally introduced me to the sesame tofu don and it’s my ultimate comfort food. Deep-fried tofu, rich sesame-infused BBQ sauce and sticky rice is my idea of a good time. There’s a chilli version too, along with a slightly sweet tofu curry. If you ever fancy recreating this one at home, S&B sell a really great Golden Curry sauce mix, which just so happens to make a mean Katsu.

Top tip: ask for extra BBQ sauce on your tofu don because you will always want more.



I know we are all probably sick to death of falafel at this point, but hear me out because this one is worth it. We ❤ Falafel make the best wrap I have ever tasted. I’m not sure whether it’s because my body lives for that rare hit of bright-coloured veg, the incredible smoked tofu you can have alongside your falafel, or the fact that there are sweet, tangy pickles in every bite. There are daily specials such as Thai green parsnip with peanut sauce, smoky chipotle, and masala curry with mango chutney and refreshing yoghurt sauce. Everything We ❤ Falafel creates is a friendly (and delicious) reminder that falafel isn’t boring and I am grateful for that.

It’s definitely more fast food than it is junk food, but it’s still deep-fried and goes well with a packet of crisps. Grab your tin-foil wrapped, warm falafel baby and cradle them until you find a nice sunny spot in Pavilion Gardens to enjoy/scoff/weep over how satisfying they are.


Like I said – a slapdash list of a select few delicious, very “Vegan Brighton” places to get your grub. I would like to take this moment to thank each and every one of these establishments for keeping me stuffed, and now a little bit chunkier, through the art of damn delicious junk food!

Enjoy ❤

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